The conference centre as well as the hotels is situated in a very lively part of Köln/Cologne built around 1900 with nice avenues, old buildings, and many pubs and restaurants. All hotels are in walking distance to the conference centre.

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1: Conference centre    2: Hotel am Chlodwigplatz    3: Hotel Accent Severin    4: Hotel Christina   

How to reach Köln/Cologne:

         From Frankfurt Airport:

Take a high-speed (ICE) train from Frankfurt Airport to Köln Hbf (Central Station). Note that there are two railway stations at Frankfurt Airport, a local one located in the underground, and that for long distance trains, called Fernbahnhof. Try to get the train ticket included into your airfare.

The IATA code of Köln/Cologne central station is QKL.

If you are not in a hurry, take a somewhat slower IC-train via Mainz. It runs through the extremely beautiful Rhine valley.

From Cologne/Bonn Airport:

Take the next commuter train to Köln/Cologne Hbf (Central Station). There are ticket machines before you enter the platform.The ticket you need is "Preisstufe Ib".

Note 1: You have to validate your ticket before entering the platform!
Note 2: The ticket includes your tram ride in Cologne!

How to reach the conference centre and the hotels from Köln Hbf:

After having arrived, go towards the exit DOM. Before you leave the railway station take the way to the underground station. Platform 2 is yours. Take line no. 16. If you are going to stay in Hotel Christina, exit the tram at Ulrepforte, otherwise stay for one more stop and leave at

The ticket you need is "Preisstufe Ib". There are ticket machines in the tram, but coins are required. Do not forget to validate your ticket in the tram.